Treatment Inquiry/Editing Jobs

shihao is a budding filmmaker who directs and cuts for brands and himself. He has worked for brands as such Nike, IKEA, Apple, Lego, Adidas, Jordan, Woolmark, HP Omen, Universal Beijing Resort, P&G, Mont Blanc, Hennessy, Cadillac, Vivo, and realme.

As a movie buff and filmmaker, he is interested in all types of stories but especially those dealing with identity politics and human anxiety in modern society.

Previously residing at ︎Wieden+Kennedy︎as an in-house talent, he edited nationwide campaign films and also wrote treatments bidding for directorial jobs. He played an initial role in winning pitches by conceptualizing and cutting exciting rip films that crowned him with the name “rip master.”

shihao is a Chinese native-born in Yunnan︎, a culturally diverse province in Southwestern China. He left home for the U.S. after high school, studied film and Japanese with lots of cheese and beer in Wisconsin, and then went to Japan for ramen and more books. Landed in Shanghai in the fall of 2018, and he is now looking for his next destination around the globe.︎